The Maple Tree Difference
  • Unique Classroom Setting
  • Proven Teaching Methods
  • Individualized Learning
  • Respect for Others
  • Environmental Awareness
  • Allergy Sensitive

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Maple Tree Academy is a school dedicated to teaching children 6 weeks to 6 years old a true love of learning and the wonders of school. We accomplish this by providing thoughtfully planned classrooms full of imaginative, challenging materials which stimulate the multiple senses. We combine this with highly trained, caring teachers who motivate the children to think critically and learn to problem solve. The results are children who are confident, successful students.

Why Is Maple Tree So Special?

» Unique Classroom Setting Maple Tree Academy classrooms do not look like those in typical schools. When you visit one of our classrooms you will probably say it looks like your family room. We designed it this way because we know how difficult the transition from home to school can be for young children and we want them to feel as comfortable as possible. Our goal is for your children to feel the same comfort and love at school as they do at home.

» Proven Teaching Methods Young children learn best through active manipulation and discovery. This is why our teaching materials are hands on, challenging and fun. They encourage students to explore all of the possibilities and become proficient problem solvers.

» Individualized Learning At Maple Tree, we are able to give your child the personal attention they deserve because of our low student to teacher ratio. Our teachers gain an in-depth understanding of how your child learns best both academically and socially, so they can develop an individualized learning plan that will enable your child to reach their highest potential.

» Respect For Others Our mission is to instill a sense of community among our students, teachers and parents. We develop this by encouraging mutual respect, warmth, understanding and patience. Our emphasis on positive feedback and cooperation leads to higher self esteem and the ability to work successfully in a team.

» Environmental AwarenessWe want our students to develop a reverence for the environment. This is emphasized in our curriculum, with our organic, locally grown snacks and through our recycling programs. Our students can experience nature’s beauty in our large outdoor playground that is surrounded by a natural prairie.


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